Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We met with the associate rector at church this morning.  Funny thing that; we ran into one of the workers whom I know fairly well, and of course the church secretary is someone I know, and I just kind of ignored why we were there.

Rev. Morehead was wonderfully helpful; she assured me she could come to the church and do a baptism, and also mentioned a naming ceremony.  I have a small copy of the Book of Common Prayer which of course has the funeral liturgy in it and suggested readings to go through.

We've decided, tentatively, to have the service in Bethlehem Chapel rather than the main sanctuary.  It is much smaller, seating about fifty, and the stained glass windows are all devoted to the story of Jesus's birth and childhood, which I find incredibly appropriate.

We still need to contact funeral homes; I have no real idea who to use, or whether it would be simpler to go with a direct cremation.  I suppose making a list and some phone calls is the next step.

But it can wait, for now.

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