Friday, June 20, 2014


I have seen the word miracle thrown around a lot in regards to these babies.

Some women pray for a miracle their entire pregnancies, pray that God will somehow make their baby whole. 

We've been told since the beginning by well-meaning people that ultrasounds don't know everything, that perhaps we'll find out it was wrong.  (They just happened to not see a leg or an umbilical cord, somehow, in spite of these things routinely being sighted via u/s.)  I suppose that would count as a miracle on its own.

I've seen Psalm 139:13 quoted quite a bit: For you created my inmost being;
 you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I keep thinking "Hey, God, you dropped a few stitches."

I don't do well with predestination.  I'm very much a God is hands-off sort of person, almost Deist in my belief that He set things in motion and then took a step back.  

So I don't pray for the miracle of a whole child.  Not that I resent or look down upon those who do.

I still pray for a miracle, though.  I pray for the miracle of some time with my baby.  Just a few minutes, God.  Just enough time to tell Psalm-Angel I love him/her.  Please.

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