Friday, August 29, 2014

Strong girl.

Thirty-two weeks and some change today.  I made a ticker, just so I can check it here:

baby development

Baby girl is wiggling more than I thought possible.  Her heart rate is still strong, in the 150s again this morning.

Midwife at last week's appointment said Psalm-Angel is tough.  I've said I'm not strong, but she sure is.  And she's my kid, too, so she's stubborn as hell.

I know it won't matter in the end, but for now I will enjoy it as long as I can.

I am at that horrible point where I am simultaneously wanting things over with because they are so damned stressful and terror that they will end soon.  I mean, I don't actually want this pregnancy to be over with, because it means my daughter's life will be, but there is an absolute heaviness to the waiting and the not knowing.

And suddenly, there is nothing more for me to say today.

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