Saturday, July 26, 2014

I said in an earlier post I thought there was only one other woman in the support group I belong to who was also pregnant.  I was wrong.  There are a handful or more.  I'm not sure how many entirely.

I started to write a post yesterday, and didn't, and it turned out to be a good decision as these things go, because things have changed.

The thing about a diagnosis like LBWC is this.  You know the outcome.  You just don't know when the outcome will happen.

This week, two women in the group have birthed and lost their babies.  One, on Wednesday, who was in the same week of pregnancy I am in.  I read her announcement as I was feeling Psalm-Angel move around inside me.  The other was just today; she was further along.  But the outcome was still the same.


On a different note, I want to update my earlier research into how long these pregnancies last with info from the support group (I've done my best to ensure I didn't repeat anyone whose story I have from elsewhere, but it is a possibility).

Previous info looked like this:

  • 28, 29, 30, 35,  36, & 38 weeks each had 1 birth.
  • 31 weeks had two births
  • 34 weeks had 3 births
  • 32 weeks had 4 births.
 This is the new info:

  • 27 weeks: 1 birth
  • 28 & 29 weeks: 1 birth
  • 30,  31,  35 & 38 weeks: 2 births
  • 32 weeks: 5 births
  • 33 weeks: 4 births
  • 34 weeks: 6 births
  • 36 weeks: 3 births
So, that's actually a pretty big difference.  Twenty-nine births total.  New average is 32.9 weeks, so almost 33 weeks, but 34 weeks has the highest number total.  Still, only two people have made it to term.  (Term being 37+ weeks, and what an odd thing it is that no one has given birth in week 37.)

Not sure how much meaning any of it has, but somehow math is comforting

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