Tuesday, September 16, 2014

35 weeks

These are my tickers:

These are just guesses, really.  I probably don't have thirty-five days left.  But I'm already past what I thought I'd get, so I'm out of making guesses.

Time to revisit the births since I have some new info thanks to the support group.  I finally found not one but two people who delivered at 37 weeks! So, current info:

  • 27 weeks: 1 birth
  • 28 & 29 weeks: 1 birth
  • 30,  31,  35, 37 & 38 weeks: 2 births
  • 32 weeks: 5 births
  • 33 weeks: 4 births
  • 34 weeks: 7 births
  • 36 weeks: 3 births
Thirty-four weeks is still the most common, but I'm already past that.  Average length if my math is correct is 33.25 weeks.  I'm already past that.

Here's what it looks like from here on out:
  • 35 weeks:  2 births
  • 36 weeks: 3 births
  • 37 weeks: 2 births
  • 38 weeks: 2 births
So, from here on out 36 weeks is the most common time, but there's barely any difference.

I'm already thinking I've won the lottery insofar as this condition goes.  I mean, not that there's a happy ending, but this pregnancy has lasted longer than I expected.  Out of 32 total births that I have the info for, only 9 have lasted at least 35 weeks.  Tiny sample size, to be sure, but to me it's still significant.

Baby Girl seems to be doing pretty well in there.  I mentioned to the midwife at last week's appointment that she was moving a lot more than I expected her to.  She had somehow managed to move a little bit past midline on my stomach; Lauren found her heartbeat on the right side instead of the left.  I am pretty sure she's moved back to the left, but I still feel her reaching over to the right a little bit.  It's pretty cool.

I'm still not in a good place emotionally, but I'm trying hard to appreciate what I do have.

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